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Your Questions, Answered

If you have questions about what happens next, we've put together a range of information with many of the common questions asked by our clients.

Some of your questions, answered professional by the Therapy Agency

Do contact us with any other queries you may have.


This page has been compiled with many of the questions we're often asked in regard to our massage therapy days. This page has been written in particular for managers of your workplace, although staff within each workplace may also find it useful. Just select from any of the options below to view more information:

What is...?

Massage in your workplace:

Secure Online Booking

Working with your workplace:

Making Bookings:

Treatment Sessions:

Onsite Massage Therapies


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Other Questions:

What is...?

What is a Therapy Day?

A Therapy Day™ is the opportunity for one of our carefully selected therapists, to spend a day working within your business or organisation. A typical day includes 6 hours of therapy time, plus breaks for your therapist between each block of sessions.

Therapy time within the day is from 9:30am - 11:30am, 12:00pm - 2:00pm, and 2:30pm - 4:30pm. Therapy Days are only ever booked with Therapy Agency directly, and start and finish times can be arranged to suit your particular organisation.

What is a Therapy Credit?

A Therapy Credit is method of secure online payments for our massage therapy professionals.

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Each session rate can be carefully adjusted to give you the most cost effective session, whilst also allowing your employers or workplace to part-subsidise your treatment session as they prefer.

Within your client secure area on this website, staff will be able to see how much the session rate is set to for your bookings.

As the price of each Therapy Credit remains consistent, regardless of how many credits you purchase, it's generally advisable for you to only buy as many credits as you need for the sessions you're planning to purchase. (You won't be charged for additional transactions with The Therapy Agency)

For more information on this, please view our page on Therapy Credits.

Massage in your workplace:

What will be the benefits to the company?

Just one of the many benefits to your company are financial.

Please view our page Benefiting Profit Margins for further information on this regard.

What if our staff are too busy to have treatment?

We recognise that there are going to times, even whole days, when your employees are simply not available for treatment. However, on-site massage takes only 15-20 minutes and employees are able to book sessions at times that suit them. The provision of complementary therapies improves morale and motivation and often results in employee willingness to make up the extra minutes and more at the end of the day.

Secure Online Booking

It is arguable, that those who are busiest need treatment the most. Productivity is not necessarily improved by long working hours or avoiding rest breaks, but it has been clinically demonstrated to be improved by on-site massage by up to 50%.

Our clients find that our service adds value, even when you account for possible opportunity cost. Why not trial our service and find out for yourself?

How can a 15 minute massage, seated and clothed, have much effect?

There have been a range of clinically controlled trials which demonstrate the efficacy of on-site massage. If you would like more information about this then please contact us.

What support or facilities do you need to work on-site with each workplace?

The only facilities we'll need from you, are:

  • a safe, clean, private area in which to work.
  • suitable internal awareness publicity of our services and the times available.
  • ideally, internet access for each of your staff to contact our secure website.
Secure Online Booking

Our website has been specifically designed to reduce the workload of the contact person within the company, as booking and time-tabling can all be effectively carried out online. However, the contact person will need to initially input basic staff details into our system to ensure the entitlement of employees booking directly with us. You will need to ensure that your Data Protection register entry includes the necessary disclosures.

Where staff do not have internet access we can provide personalised booking timetables which can then be updated to the online diary booking system as preferred.

What percentage take-up can we expect if we offer the service to all of our staff?

We typically find that when Therapy Days are freely available to all staff, the take up of treatments is anywhere between 60-80% of the total staff number for one-off days.

Secure Online Booking

Where treatments are unsubsidised (the staff pay for their own treatments in full), the figure of 10-20% is an approximation of the take-up you could expect in a branch of 60 or more staff where on-site therapies are available on a weekly basis.

Obviously, these figures vary considerably according to a variety of factors such as sector and organisational culture. To reap the business benefits of a high take-up we recommend considering internal factors that may impact take-up. For example, some of our clients have found that providing a more privately situated room, enabling clients to maintain complete privacy, increases the popularity of the service.

What if we have employees who are field or home workers?

Field or home workers can also benefit from our complementary therapy treatments. Using our unique online locator facility, each home worker can search for therapists in their area offering their preferred treatment.

Secure Online Booking

Many of our therapists offer a mobile treatment service, so that they can visit your home worker at home or, when occasion demands it, at their place of work.

Alternatively, for your staff members is 'working in the field', many of our therapists offer a Therapy Room or Clinic service, enabling your staff member to visit for treatments whilst they're travelling through the area.

With our range of Therapy Vouchers, as a business you'll be able to pay for, or subsidise individual treatments through our Search for a Therapist service, just as you subsidise on-site placements.

Will you give us updates on the medical conditions of our staff?

No. We have strict policies over confidentiality of our client's information.

Although we may need to converse with a client's GP or health care professional over certain presenting issues, we will at no time reveal medical information about specific clients to business management or other staff, unless specifically requested to do so by the member of staff concerned.

Working with your workplace:

Is on-site massage really wanted by our employees?

Secure Online Booking

Many of our business clients contact us following an internal survey of their staff which has demonstrated that they would prefer receiving a regular on-site massage to other staff incentives or benefits. A recent study by the CIPD reported that responsible practice, including the provision of services to employees, can help to attract, motivate and retain a talented and diverse workforce.

There has been a seismic shift in the last decade in attitudes towards, and use and acceptance of, complementary therapies in the UK. The Society for Human Resource Management established back in 2000 that 8% of organisations were providing massage as an employee benefit and our experience has been, that as the business benefits are increasing recognised, this figure is continuing to rise.

Why should we use your service when we could recruit our own therapists?

At The Therapy Agency, we are experts in the provision of complementary therapists. We have a thorough understanding, of both the business environment, and the diverse therapeutic sector.

Recruitment and selection of complementary therapists by those without expert knowledge is unwise, particularly in the current market with limited self-regulation. Therapists who fail to professionally respond to the individual needs of clients are less effective and risk causing harm.

Peace of Mind

Our service offers you:

  • Peace of mind. Our therapists are carefully selected, fully qualified, fully insured, experienced, and signed up to our Code of Ethics and Practice.
  • Practicality. We work unobtrusively on-site and supply our own consumables and equipment.
  • A complete service. Our system enables your employees to book directly with us on-line, taking the weight from your shoulders and leaving you free to focus on running on your business.
  • Flexibility. Whenever your needs grow, change, or develop, we have the national structure in place to support you all the way!
  • Excellent value. Despite the quality of our service, our prices are among the lowest available.

Why should we use your service when we already have a private health-care plan?

Unlike most private health health-care plans we work mainly to prevent stress-build up and health problems such as back pain and RSI. This adds value by aiding you in beginning your management of absence, staff turnover and poor productivity before the problems, and associated costs, even begin.

Our staff already have access to a private gymnasium, why should we provide on-site massage as well?

Running and Fitness

Although you would have already seen the many benefits of a fitter and healthier team of staff, you may be aware that not everyone is able to find the time to attend the gymnasium out of work time (because of family commitments, regular overtime, etc.)

For one of your staff to take the time out of your workday to receive a full body massage treatment at the local gym, even if it's on your campus, can easily take out more than an hour and a half from their working day.

However, the application of a fully clothed on-site massage treatment, can be provided in just 15 minutes, within your office, to more staff, gaining you more benefits, with less investment, for higher results!

Making Bookings:

What days of the week/hours of the clock are therapists available?

Our typical Therapy Day is divided into blocks of treatments, the first at 09:30 - 11:30, then 12:00 - 14:00, and then finally, 14:30 - 16:30. We've found this three-part block to be the most effective method of reaching staff, whilst also providing our therapists with an effective opportunity to rest between client blocks.

I'd like to book just one Therapy Day. What's the shortest length of time for which we can use the service?

The typical minimum bookings for each Therapy Day, is just one day, extending anywhere up to 3,000 Therapy Days a year or more!

If you have a much smaller company, of just a 5 or 6 staff for example, then we can provide you with a special hourly rate. Please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

Can we have a trial period?

If you would like to trial our service in your organisation, simply book us for a short period (see above).

Is it possible to cancel a Therapy Day once booked?

In the unlikely event that you decide that you wish to re-schedule or cancel particular Therapy Days, we are able offer a full refund (less any discounts) if you let us know at least fourteen days in advance of any Therapy Day concerned. Please view our standard Terms and Conditions for more information on this.

How do our staff book a session?

After a Therapy Day has been confirmed within your branch or building, then one person (usually an H/R manager or senior team manager) will be provided with secure log in details so they may purchase Therapy Credits for staff as appropriate, and distribute them between staff members.

Using the online booking system

Each staff member will then have the option to log in with their own unique username and password, so they may make bookings directly online (making online secure payments for sessions on-line as applicable). Upon initial application, each staff member will also be asked to complete a secure consultation form to save time during the session itself (informing the therapist of any medical or muscular conditions that would be important to know in advance).

For each Therapy Day at a specific location or branch, an online diary will be available and all staff users will be able make an appointment, choosing from the remaining times available.

After each treatment, each client may also receive an automatically generated feedback form, to enable us to constantly monitor and improve our services.

Treatment Sessions:

What can we expect during a typical treatment session?

Please view our pages on the Business Treatment Guide for more information.

How much time does a treatment session take?

Our typical treatment sessions for on-site massage last between 15 and 20 minutes, although 30 minute sessions are now proving increasingly popular.

Treatment times can vary according to the type of treatment, and the nature of your particular requirements. The minimum treatment times we've provided have been just 5 minutes per person. Some workplaces however have offered up to 90 minutes per person!

If you have specific time requirements for your workplace or event, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you, and arrange a quote specifically for you.

Do the clients/employees have to remove clothes and get oily?

No, our on-site massage techniques are specifically designed to be effective through clothing, and without the use of messy oils. Some treatments however do require the use of oils, please view our Treatment Guide for more information.

Who provides the treatments? What are their experience/qualifications?

Our therapists are carefully selected, fully qualified, fully insured, experienced and signed up to our Code of Ethics and Practice. Follow this link to find out more.

Are the staff too sleepy to work after a treatment?


No. Unlike a full body massage at a health club or spa where the client is often left feeling peaceful and sleepy, our on-site massage treatments, although also designed to relax and relieve tension, finish each session by invigorating the client, reviving them, and preparing them to be more effective at work. Individual clients often describe a feeling of 'just waking up after a great night's sleep, ready for the day'.

We have also pioneered new medical research into the cognitive benefits of massage therapies, which can be viewed here.

What if we don't like the therapist you've provided?

Although this is unlikely to occur, we guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied with the therapist placed within your company, and you take immediate action to end the provision of treatment and contact us, we will provide another therapist on the next occasion at no additional charge to yourselves. Please see our Business Terms and Conditions [Section 10.6] for further information.

What if our employees don't want to be treated by a therapist of the opposite gender?

Onsite Massage Therapies

The majority of our therapists are female and our clients are normally more than happy with the therapist we have chosen for them. All our therapists are trained in, and have committed to, behaving in a professional manner at all times. However, should you prefer to be treated by a member of the same gender as yourself, we will of course be happy to accommodate this where possible.

We work hard to find the most suitable therapist for your company. Many of our therapists have a background in finance, sport, call-centres, publishing, fashion, the theatre, etc., therefore, we can often find a therapist who has a particular understanding of your business from their own direct experience, including of the stresses your staff are under.


Are payments up-front?

Stack of coins

Yes. Put simply, we have found this to be a far better arrangement. We find that most of our business clients are satisfied with up-front payment as it enables us to provide a smooth-running service at excellent rates.

In some circumstances we may be able to provide a 14-day credit term for a small additional fee, however, as signatories to the better payment practice campaign, this is subject to the Late Payment of Commercial Interest and Debt Act 1998 & 2002 and any late payments after this date will also result in compensation and interest charges being made.

Can we subsidise treatments, part-subsidise treatments, or do our staff have to pay in full?

We have a number of payment options available to suit every type of company. Although the majority of businesses choose to invest in order to reap the benefits, some clients prefer to ask their staff to pay for each treatment they receive.

Onsite Massage Therapies

Our unique online booking facilities allow:

  • fully subsidised Therapy Days (where the business pays in full),
  • part subsidised days (where the business makes a token payment, thereby bringing the cost of each treatment down for staff members), and
  • unsubsidised days (where staff members pay for their own individual treatments).

You can also purchase treatments for individual staff (in relation to sales awards, employee of the month, etc.) and have their online user account credited with the amount chosen, or distribute Therapy Credits to all staff within particular departments or teams.

For more information, please view our page on Subsidised Days.

How much does it cost?

Please Contact Us, Request a Quote, or view our Price Guide for further information.

Are there discounts for block-booking?

We have a set discount scheme available for multiple bookings of regular Therapy Days booked in advance. Please view our Price Guide for further information.

Other Questions:

What if I have any other questions?

Please do get in contact with us at The Therapy Agency, or speak with your therapist directly at the time of the appointment.