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Therapy Vouchers for Staff Incentives

How much would your staff love the gift of a massage in their workplace, or at their home?

  • Massage Vouchers are proven to be an excellent staff incentive and sales reward.
  • Therapy Vouchers form a superb addition to flexible benefits packages.
  • Vouchers can be given as a physical gift, and can be redeemed against workplace treatments or treatments in the home.
Sample Therapy Voucher

Buy the right gift for your staff, redeemable in more locations than anyone else, including your own workplace!

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We have three types of Therapy Vouchers available:

Combined Therapy Vouchers

These can be redeemed against either Therapy Credits for on-site treatments within your workplace, or against Individual treatments, whether mobile to your home, or in a Therapy Room.

Combined vouchers are ideal for businesses with workers who are only on-site part-time and when you want give employees the option of choosing a complementary therapy that will best suit their needs. These are the default voucher issued through an online purchase through this website. They can also be purchased directly through your account manager.

Business Therapy Vouchers

Your Workplace

These vouchers are designed to only be redeemed in the staff login area of each branch, for redemption at face value for Therapy Credits to be utilised only on Therapy Days within your workplace.

Business Therapy Vouchers cannot be used for therapy sessions outside of those arranged through each branch manager, and are ideal for ensuring staff look after themselves while at work, so that your business can also gain benefit from their increased creativity, alertness, motivation, and productivity.

Individual Therapy Vouchers

Head Massage

These vouchers can be redeemed at face value against individual treatments arranged through our find a local professional therapist' page for mobile treatments or treatments in private Therapy Rooms / Clinics.

Individual Therapy Vouchers cannot be redeemed within your workplace Therapy Days. They are ideal however if you employ field or home workers, or want to provide therapeutic treatments outside of the typical working hours.

More information about Therapy Vouchers

Therapy Vouchers are available in a multitude of denominations, £5, £10, £20 and £50 and are typically valid for up to 6 months from the date of purchase, this however may be flexible at the time of purchase.

Each Therapy Voucher is coded with a set of 16 characters which means you can still have your treatments should anything unforeseen happen to your voucher. You can either keep a record yourself, or we can trace it to your purchase details if you keep track of the precise date and time of your purchase (this will normally be listed in your automated email when purchased through our website)

We can also print therapy vouchers for virtually any purpose, or supply you with a digital list of therapy voucher codes, generated in an exclusive batch just for you (we can then tell you at a glance how many have been redeemed at any time). Just contact us with your requirements.