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Your Workplace Treatment Guide for Therapy Days:

If you have a Therapy Day with The Therapy Agency arranged in your workplace soon, you may be wondering:

  • How do I make a new massage booking?
  • What should I wear? And are there any oils used?
  • What aftercare advice will the therapist give me?

Answers to all these queries and more, have now been answered.

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This page has been set up to help you understand the typical process of a Therapy Day within your business or workplace, and the typical format of the associated treatments provided. It is written mainly for members of staff within the workplace. Just select from any of the links below to discover more information about your chosen area:

Arranging a Massage Therapy Day

All Therapy Days within your workplace are first arranged by your branch manager or business head office, through contact with The Therapy Agency directly. If you are particularly keen on having further Therapy Days, please contact us directly, or encourage your branch manager to arrange further days.

Registering your personal information

Using a computer and happy at the desk

After your business, site or branch has been registered with us by your head office, your branch manager will have the opportunity to register all members of staff with the online service, if such a facility is required (and manual bookings aren't being compiled by someone within your company).

Once your details have been registered, you should receive an automated email asking you to confirm your personal details and email address, and choose your own unique username and password. Please keep a secure note of this, you will be asked to submit them each time you login to the service which is available 24/7. You will also be asked a range of secondary personal information for extra security.

Completing your consultation form

Prior to your treatment sessions with our therapists, you must complete at least our basic consultation form to help the therapist(s) gain an understanding of your medical history, and any contra-indications or health problems of which they need to be aware. This form will either be completed online when confirming your personal details, or is available in a paper copy, to be brought with you in person to your first treatment session.

The information on the consultation form will remain confidential between yourself, the therapist chosen for each Therapy Day, and The Therapy Agency. It will only be shared with others (such as your GP) with your permission, or when it is necessary to do so for legal or safety reasons. Please view our Privacy Policy for more specific information about the use of your personal details. The Therapy Agency is registered with the Information Commissioner as Data Controllers, and your medical information will not be shared with anyone else.

If you have any concerns, or comments about any information on the form, please don't hesitate to speak with your therapist at the time of the session.

Booking your treatment session - subsidised

Onsite Massage Therapies

After Therapy Days (days on which a therapist will visit your site) have been confirmed, if you have chosen your own username and password, you will be able to login to your secure account and view Therapy Days available.

From the easy to navigate options you will then be able to see the various Therapy Days available. On further investigation you'll then be able to view which booking time slots are still available. You can then select your preferred time from those still available, and the booking will be confirmed against your name.

If you have not been asked to select a username and password for an online booking area with The Therapy Agency, it's likely that someone within your company is manually compiling the booking schedule. In such a case please review any information you've already received about your Therapy Day. If you can't find this information, do contact us at The Therapy Agency and we can let you know who to contact in your workplace to make a booking for yourself.

Booking your treatment session - part subsidised or un-subsidised

Onsite Massage Therapies

In some situations, whereby each member of staff within the company puts some money towards the cost of the therapy massage session, The Therapy Agency has arranged for secure online payment facilities, in which to assist you to make a booking.

After Therapy Days (days on which a therapist will visit your site) have been confirmed, you will be able to login to your secure account and view Therapy Days available.

If you have Therapy Credits available in your account, you can then book a treatment session from the list of times available, and will receive a confirmation email confirming the time and date of your treatment session. If you have no credits available, you will need to pay online for your treatment using a credit or debit card.

Should you need to change or cancel your treatment time, this can be achieved through your secure login area, whereby you'll be able to view your current bookings, and make changes according to the current availability. Any Therapy Credits used will then be refunded back to your online account for a future booking.

By the nature of the service provided, complementary therapy treatments booked through The Therapy Agency Service are exempt from the statutory seven day period of cancellation for distance selling regulations to consumers. Therefore, once you are booked for a session, so long as the day goes ahead as planned, you will be unable to gain a cash refund for cancelled treatment sessions. This is because therapists are usually unable to recover the cost of cancellations. So please ensure that you book an appointment you are confident you will be able to attend.

Therapy Day Threshold Values


To provide the best value service to all customers of The Therapy Agency, we have to set a minimum threshold for bookings of each Therapy Day (in order to make it financially viable for each therapist to attend). If the minimum threshold value is not reached, the Therapy Day will be postponed and all clients will have the Therapy Credits re-credited to their account.

Getting to your session on time

On-site massage treatments are quite short (typically just 15 - 20 minutes) therefore it's important for each client to arrive at the chosen location, ready to begin the session on time.

A sign should be on the door of the chosen location. It will normally ask you to knock briefly, and then wait to be called (normally in less than a minute). As treatment sessions are back to back, the therapist will then finish up with the previous client, and then invite you in.

Clothing and disrobing


Although there is no requirement to disrobe completely while receiving an on-site massage or many other treatments from our therapists, we do ask that, any bulky or heavy clothing is removed, and any jewellery which may restrict the work of our therapists, is also removed and stored carefully.

During the summer months, we also find a large number of women wearing spaghetti-strapped tops. As no oils are used during the short sessions, it's advisable to bring a lightweight t-shirt with you to the treatment, in order to reduce the direct friction on your skin by the therapist's hands while working.

Any other requirements will be advised to you by your therapist, either prior to, or at the time of your session.

During the session

Onsite Massage Therapies

The therapist should at no time make you feel uncomfortable, or cause you any form of unwanted physical discomfort during the treatment session. If, at any time during your session, you wish the therapist to apply more or less pressure during a massage, or you wish to give feedback, or ask questions about the treatment being provided, please feel free to do so. You can even end the treatment midway if you wish. Each therapist will be glad to help, and to put you at ease as much as possible.

Many people feel they have to stay completely still during treatment and this is generally not the case, if you need to shift position or scratch an itch - please do say so.

Some people like to talk during treatment but most prefer a relaxing silence. This is your time, so do what feels most helpful or relaxing for you.

After the session

With a number of therapies, you may feel a little light-headed, or dizzy immediately after treatment. This is quite normal, and the therapist should be able to help with a number of techniques to help 'bring you back down to earth' again.

Your therapist may also give you additional information on how to maintain the effects of your treatment at home. This may include dietary advice, postural exercises, or the importance of regular ongoing treatments for effective results.

After each session, it’s normally particularly useful to observe the following, both to help make maximum use of the session, and to minimise any resulting headaches, dizziness, or other cleansing processes.

Healthy Drinking
  • Please drink plenty of fresh water, to assist the natural detoxification process.
  • Avoid over exerting the body with lots of immediate physical exercise.
  • Eat a light diet, in order to encourage healing and detoxification of the digestive system.
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking, and caffeine, as these can prevent the body from ridding its toxins.
  • Try also to have plenty of rest and relaxation to maximise the effects of your treatment.
  • Avoid hot baths or showers after treatment as this increases the blood-flow to the skin, diverting the body's resources from the healing/detoxifying process.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to speak with your therapist at the time of the treatment, view our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages, our standard Terms and Conditions, or speak to any one of our advisors at The Therapy Agency through the contact details on the suitable contact us page.