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Would you like a massage right now?

You can have an amazingly relaxing treatment in your home, or in a local clinic

Would you like a treatment right now?

Details about each therapy can be gained by clicking on the required therapy, within the search for a therapist listings. However, for more information about the general format of a therapy session, then this is the page to read!

Booking your treatment:

The first thing to do, after choosing your preferred therapy, is to find your local massage therapist in your area using our unique search facility.

Finding the best local professional therapist for you

After reading a little more about your chosen therapist; and finding out the times they are available from the typical opening hours shown, just follow the link to the booking area. Then make the appropriate payment by Credit or Debt card (or by using a Therapy Voucher™). After payment, you will be taken to a notification page, and a confirmation email will be sent.

Your chosen therapist will then also receive an email from the system, with some of your contact details. He or she will contact you directly to arrange a precise booking time and date from your preference (therapists do take a number of bookings so their availability may be restricted). We recommend choosing a time that is not immediately before or after you will be eating a meal and that will allow you to rest somewhere privately with access to drinking water afterwards.

After the therapist has then confirmed the precise date and time with the online system, you should receive a further confirmation email with the appointment details, and a map and directions of where to find the therapist as appropriate. Then all you need to do is make a note of it in your diary.

Preparations for the therapy session itself - mobile treatments brought to you:

If you have booked a mobile treatment, the therapist will have confirmed this with you when they contacted you, and would have found out basic directions on how to find you more easily.

Mobile massage treatments brought to you

Depending on the type of therapy booked, it's generally best to have a clear floor area of approximately 2 x 2.5 metres (approximately 6'6" by 8'6") for the massage table or similar (many people find their living room suitable for this purpose).

Please ensure that the room is pleasantly warm, that you are not expecting any visitors or interruptions, and that you can silence the phone after the therapist has arrived (not before, in case they need to phone you to confirm your location).

Some people also like to create ambience with soft music playing. It's also preferable that the room is relatively clear of clutter and has somewhere to sit for both people.

The Therapist will arrive as close to the agreed time as possible. If this is your first session with the therapist, please allow around 90 minutes in total for both an initial consultation, the session itself, and time to pack away and clear up the equipment.

Due to the nature of the service provided, we regret sessions cannot overrun the agreed time (as there is likely to be another client following you). Similarly, if you do not show for the agreed appointment, a refund cannot be provided as the therapist cannot rearrange another client at such short notice (just as you would expect to be paid if you showed up at work at an agreed time, and there was no work provided for you!).

Preparations for the therapy session itself - visiting the therapist's therapy room:

Visiting your local therapy room or clinic

If you have booked a session where you are visiting the therapist's therapy room or similar, along with your confirmation email confirming the precise date and time of the booking, you should have received a link to a map page with written directions to the location.

Please try to arrive as close to the agreed session time as possible. If you arrive sooner the therapist may be still with the previous client. If you expect to be late, please call ahead as soon as possible to let the therapist know. Due to the nature of the service provided, we regret sessions cannot overrun the agreed time (as there is likely to be another client following you). Similarly, if you do not arrive for the appointment, a refund cannot be provided as the therapist cannot rearrange another client at such short notice.

Preliminary Consultations:

Before any therapeutic session with a therapist, the therapist will go through a relatively detailed preliminary questionnaire, to gain an understanding of your medical history. This information will remain confidential between yourself, the therapist, and the Therapy Agency, and will only be shared with others (such as your GP) with your permission, or when it is necessary to do so for legal or safety reasons.

Please view our Privacy Policy for more detailed information about the use of your information.

Clothing and disrobing (where applicable):

What you need to take off, and keep on

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting, clothing for most of the treatments provided by The Therapy Agency. Keep jewellery to a minimum where possible as you are likely to be asked to remove it, and it is better to reduce the risk of it being misplaced after your treatment.

Some treatments can be carried out fully clothed. When you will need to remove clothing, the therapist will explain what you need to remove and will give you privacy while dressing and undressing. For all treatments (particularly with massage techniques), your modesty will be preserved at all times by the effective placements of towels, revealing only the areas to be worked upon at a time.

For certain treatments such as Aromatherapy, it may be recommended to you that to gain the most benefit of the oils used during the treatment, you do not shower for at least a couple of hours after the treatment. It therefore, may be important for you to wear clothing that is unlikely to be damaged if brought into contact with some of the massage oils used. The therapist or The Therapy Agency cannot be held responsible for damage in such occasions.

During the session:

All treatments should be a pleasure, not a pain

The therapist should at no time make you feel uncomfortable, or cause you any form of unwanted physical discomfort during the treatment. If, at any time during your session, you wish the therapist to apply more or less pressure during a massage, or you wish to give feedback, or ask questions about the treatment being provided, please feel free to do so. You can even end the treatment midway if you wish. Each therapist will be glad to help, and to put you at ease as much as possible.

Many people feel they have to stay completely still during treatment and this is generally not the case, if you need to shift position or scratch an itch - do say so!

Some people like to talk during treatment but most prefer a relaxing silence. This is your time, so do what feels most helpful or relaxing for you, you can even fall asleep if you need to!

After the session:

With a number of therapies, you may feel a little light-headed, or dizzy immediately after the treatment. This is quite normal, and the therapist should be able to help with a number of techniques to help bring you back down to earth again. After each session, it's normally particularly useful to observe the following, both to help make maximum use of the session, and to minimise any resulting headaches, dizziness, or other cleansing processes:

Eat and Drink healthily after each treatment session
  • Please drink plenty of fresh water, to assist the natural detoxification process.
  • Avoid over exerting the body with lots of immediate physical exercise.
  • Eat a light diet, in order to encourage healing and detoxification of the digestive system.
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking, and caffeine, as these can prevent the body from ridding its toxins.
  • Try also to have plenty of rest and relaxation to maximise the effects of your treatment.

Your therapist may also give you additional information on how to maintain the effects of your treatment at home. This may include basic dietary advice, postural exercises, or the importance of regular ongoing treatments for effective results. For any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact The Therapy Agency.

Follow up feedback requests:

A few days after your session, you should receive a request by post or email, for information about the session, and your views about it.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter and will use it to constantly strive to improve the services offered by our therapists, and the service The Therapy Agency can provide to you again in the future.

It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to complete, and we would appreciate you being as honest as possible. Any other views you wish to make, which are not expressed in the evaluation form, we would welcome you giving to our office directly, either by phone, email, or post, at the addresses shown on our contact us pages.

Booking another session:

After your treatment we fully appreciate that you are likely to want to book further sessions with the therapist.

If you have their contact details, this can be done directly with the therapist (explaining that the previous session was arranged through The Therapy Agency, in order to assist the therapist finding your details more easily).

Alternatively, if you saved your details with the Therapy Agency Service at the time of the first booking, you should be able to login to view your details again, and book additional sessions directly through our website.

Other Questions:

For other questions not answered within this page, or our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Please also feel free to consult with your therapist. You can do this at the time of their initial contact with you, at the time of the session, or after the session

You're also welcome to give a call to one of our advisors at the Therapy Agency through the contact details on our main contact us page.