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Download the Application Form

As a national provider of professional treatments into homes, workplaces, and to events, we are always looking for exceptional massage therapists to join our team, wherever you might be in the UK.

The first stage of your application is to print out and complete our therapist application form, to send it back to us.

Please note, we are not processing any new applications at present.

We have enough therapists in our UK database, and would therefore rather focus our time on developing new opportunities, than spending the time processing new applications (which is at no financial benefit to us).

If you do not yet have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you can download a free licensed version on this link.

Work for the Therapy Agency as a professional massage therapist

With any questions, please check our 'Questions Answered' web pages before contacting us through the 'Contact Us' form.

If you have difficulties accessing the application form, and have tried updating your free version of Acrobat Reader with no success, please contact us, so we may send it to you by an alternative method.

If you are unable to complete our application because of a disability, please contact us with details so we may provide you with an application in a suitable format.

Where to send the completed application?

When returning your application, please ensure that you have enough postage on your application (normally three 2nd class stamps are sufficient for weights up to 250g which is a typical application, but please check the Royal Mail website or your local post office to be sure).

Improving your application form:

If you have any further questions, then please contact us using the relevant links shown. You can also read more about enhancing different areas of your application on the following links:

If you have friends or colleagues who you know would also be interested in also joining the Therapy Agency, then just print out spare copies of the application form to pass on, or point them to this website.