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Background information about the Therapy Agency

The Therapy Agency aims to make finding a quality complementary therapists simple, and in doing so, we supply our therapists with clients and pay them decent rates while enabling them to continue to control their hours of work.

We provide the management functions, logistics, and placement control, leaving you as a therapist free to focus on leaving your clients feeling fantastic.

More information about the Therapy Agency

With any questions, please check our 'Questions Answered' web pages before contacting us through the 'Contact Us' form.

In the past, suppliers of complementary therapies broadly fell into two camps:

  • Firstly, there were individual therapists working from home or from hired rooms in health centres who were often very competent at their work but could lack the business and marketing skills necessary to provide sufficient clients.
  • Secondly, treatments were provided in health clubs, hotels and spas by full-time staff members, therapists unable to control their hours and often poorly paid. That poor pay risked resulting in poor service, hurried treatments and high staff turn-over.

Information about therapies was lacking and the choices for clients were limited, often reduced to word-of-mouth recommendations.

Why was The Therapy Agency established?

"As a therapist myself, I knew therapists in my area I'd be happy to recommend, but yet I couldn't find any organisations who ran selection procedures even close to what I expected to see." Jason Parlour - Founder of the Therapy Agency

The Therapy Agency was set up by professional therapists with extensive professional training, who recognised a real need for a service of this type.Professionally Qualified and Trained

  • The lack of regulation in the complementary therapy industry meant that anyone could start advertising as a 'professional therapist' despite having no formal qualifications or even basic therapy training!
  • The lack of effective selection criteria amongst the 'professional associations' were virtually non-existant. Many 'professional bodies' were accepting therapists onto their members list, for the simple exchange of an extraordinary annual fee, and photocopies of a one day therapy course that could have been run by anyone.
  • Online and printed therapist directories were quickly sprouting up around the UK, offering anyone (often for a fee) to simply be added to the list. But yet the directories offered no guarantee (or even checking) that therapists had any professionalism or experience!
  • Even on professional NVQ training courses at accredited educational establishments, standards would vary considerably between the students who passed the course. Some would be 'naturals', treatments would just flow, and you'd be completely at ease, all the students during training would want to exchange treatments with them.
    However, there was almost at least one or two students, who would be carrying out the treatment 'by numbers'. Technically they'd carry out the treatments as required to pass the course, but there'd be something intangible about the way they did it, that just wasn't quite right. The sort of therapists who could carry out the work, but you wouldn't want to recommend anyone you know, to visit them.

So how would the general consumer, without knowing where to turn, even by looking at qualifications or letters after someone's name, know that they'd be getting a good treatment?

What sets The Therapy Agency apart?

Investments in pioneering new technologies
  • The Therapy Agency has extremely high standards of selection, commended by medical professionals, industry leaders, government departments, and even the therapists themselves!
  • The Therapy Agency has invested heavily in new technology ahead of the market, pioneering extensive secure online booking and payment facilities, embracing database driven systems for all our therapists to minimise administration, enhancing business system efficiency, and helping maximise the effective treatment times for our clients and our therapists.
  • The Therapy Agency offers a good wage of all our placements, offers flexible working, and even turns down work that we don't feel is in the best interests of our therapists!
  • The Therapy Agency continues to adapt and develop. We strive for continuous improvement, and work hard to maintain our position as market leaders in Group 2 CAM therapies.
  • We offer a range of free training material, in your secure area of the Therapy Agency website

What more information can you tell me?

Working with everyone

The Therapy Agency has worked with individual clients from virtually all backgrounds; including high profile international business executives and their families, professional musicians, professional sports men and women, teachers and education staff, NHS staff, members of the police force and civil service, members of the armed services, members of the clergy, etc, (specific details of our private clients are of course confidential).

At The Therapy Agency, we are experts in the provision of complementary therapists. We have a thorough understanding of therapeutic environments, with the business acumen to maintain a sustainable business, and the nationwide structure to provide a flexible, complete service to a wide range of clients.

High standards throughout the profession

The Therapy Agency was established when complementary therapies in the UK were still in their infancy in the workplace and beyond. It's been amazing to see how much the growth of the market has developed during our own development.

We adhere to strict standards of quality control and professionalism, leading the way in establishing effective procedures for complementary therapies.

How do I apply?

To join our team and become part of the UK's leading national supplier of complementary therapies, just visit our application pages for more information.