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How to get a good photography of yourself

Getting the right photo of yourself that best represents you as a professional therapist can be a challenge. Thankfully we have some tips to help:

  1. Outdoor lighting on a warm and sunny day is normally better.
  2. Choose a clean backdrop for behind you (ie a clear blue sky, some trees, etc.).
  3. Get a good friend to take the photo, so you can relax more.
  4. Take as many photos as you can, so you can select the best ones. This will also help give you time to get used to the camera being on you.
  5. Smile with your eyes, and think of happy thoughts, (practice in the mirror). Don't try and smile with your mouth.
Bring a professional massage into your home

To get a great photo of yourself for your profile pictures, be yourself, get the right lighting, and think happy thoughts!

Your primary photograph is the one that appears in the initial search results made by potential clients. We ask that it is a portrait style photo of your head and shoulders, whilst you are wearing what you would normally wear to give treatments.

Additional photos are great to have, for example of you working on a client in a clean therapy room, photos of your welcoming treatment area, etc.

One of the most important things for you to do in this photo is smile! If you find it challenging to smile at a camera, please read our section in Healthy Living on smiling. Imagine smiling with your eyes, and then allow the rest of your face to follow. Recall a happy memory rather than fearing the image result!

For a better photo, simple techniques like rotating your shoulders about 45 degrees from the camera and then turning your head comfortably to smile towards the camera can be more flattering and less threatening. Choosing a photographer with whom you feel comfortable is also a good idea, so you can relax further and thus be more natural.

Don't try and hold the smile for the picture, it'll look like a grimace. Just think happy thoughts, and allow the smile to fall across your whole face, particularly smiling with your eyes (and the rest of your face will follow).

It can be best to take a series of photos in relatively short succession, that way you'll have a selection of photos to choose from in making your final decision. Natural sunlight is virtually always more flattering than a cheap camera flash, or the flash in a photo booth, so look out for a sunny day, get outside, and get a friend to take a few pictures so you can make a selection!

Take care with the background to the photo so nothing seems to be growing out of your head! If you are going to take your portrait photo inside, please tidy up first and try to get as much natural light into the room as possible.

If your photo is taken digitally, then please email us a copy of the original digital file separately (when requested, although also making a note on your print out that a digital version is available). If the photo was taken with 35mm film, please send us a clean physical print so we can scan this in and transfer it to your online profile as part of the application process.

You will also have the opportunity to change or update your photos at any time in the future, through your own secure area of the Therapy Agency website. We normally display up to 5 photos per profile, so get snapping!

[This document was put together by, award winning photographer]