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How to get write a good personal profile

The personal profile on your application form will become part of your online profile and can be viewed by individual clients as they Search for a Therapist.

It provides you with an opportunity to sell yourself to potential clients via the Therapy Agency website, demonstrating your personality, passion, and style of working.

Who are you?

Your personal profile should be a summary of you, written in your own words. Do get someone else to check it through though for grammatical errors!

You will have the opportunity to change or update your profile at any time in the future, through your own secure area of the Therapy Agency website. In the meantime however, the following words should give you an idea of what we're looking for.

  • Your profile should be around 150 – 250 words long.
  • Explain a little about your background, what interests you and why you got into therapies as this may help potential clients form a connection with you.
  • We suggest that you think about how your friends and clients would describe you to other potential clients, and then put it into words on the page.
  • You do not need to sell the actual therapeutic treatments in your personal profile, as these details are already available on the website. Instead, write about your approach to the therapies.
  • The purpose of this section is to sell directly to your potential clients, so be aware of that as you write and avoid using it to sell yourself to the Therapy Agency.
  • Personally identifiable information cannot be included in your profile for obvious reasons, so please do not include your contact details, your surname, your membership of professional bodies or the colleges where you studied.
  • Your could describe a little about the types of clients you work with the most such as sports people, those with chronic illness (but please do not mention particular illnesses that you treat as this usually conflicts with our Codes of Ethics and Practice), stressed office workers, parents, the elderly or those from a particular profession etc.
  • Whilst we can demonstrate that stress is relieved by massage, please be careful about the claims you make as we'll need to be able to substantiate them.
  • End your personal profile with a little 'closing line' summing up your thoughts and aspirations, or why clients should choose a treatment from you.