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More information about the therapists' area on TTA

Each therapist registered with The Therapy Agency, has exclusive access to their own secure account within The Therapy Agency site.

Your secure area of the Therapy Agency website

To log in to your secure therapist's area, you'll need your username and password, only available after successfully completing the application process

After completing your application successfully, you will be able to reach pages on a wide range of specialist subjects, a small sample of which can be found below:

Your Account:


  • Change Holiday / Location Notes
  • Personal Details
  • View Profile & Listing
  • View Map & Location Notes


  • List Individual Bookings
  • List Business Bookings

Private Bookings:

  • Repeat Bookings

Therapy Days:

  • View Therapy Days

Secure Therapists' Area

Recommendations and Assistance:

  • Your Profile
  • Your Photos
  • Your Therapy Room or Clinic
  • Mobile Treatments
  • Working with Clients
  • Gaining Extra Funding
  • Networking
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Recommended Reading
  • Health & Safety for Clients
  • Your Personal Safety
  • Your Own Well-Being

Download Area:

  • Consultation Forms for on-site work
  • Consultation Forms for individual treatments
  • Application Forms for Colleagues
  • Blank Invoice Layout Sample

Ordering, Purchases and Gifts:

  • Uniforms
  • Aftercare Cards
  • Contact Cards
  • Therapy Equipment
  • Public / Civil Liability Insurance

Business Contacts:

  • Home

News and Events:

  • Up and Coming News & Events
  • Previous News & Events